Intelligent Traffic Solutions 

Smart traffic solutions are the cornerstone of the development of cities in our world where the number of cars is increasing, requiring constant search for solutions that provide safety and responsiveness and keep pace with the design of modern road networks. In Alliance we offer the latest smart traffic solutions worldwide through the Research and Development Department and the cooperation with the world's leading expertise in smart systems and smart cities.


In an Alliance we are working on the latest law enforcement systems, which in turn contribute seriously to reduce the negative phenomena of some drivers, causing catastrophic and painful accidents. Which contributes to the increase of traffic awareness among drivers and supports the rules of traffic safety. We communicate with international companies in the field of radars and R & D centers with the latest and most efficient technology.

 Traffic SAFETY 

Traffic safety is the most important rule of modern cities where modern and fast road networks carry great risks to people as they travel around the clock. And work to find solutions that reduce the negative phenomena in driving vehicles provide safety for motorists, pedestrians and children as they go to school and return. In an Alliance, we set the goal of preserving the safety of human beings through the constant search for intelligent solutions that raise the level of traffic safety and contribute to the development of cities and their urban appearance..




Man is the basis of society and work to raise awareness and accelerate the achievement of positive results in the course of development of countries and peoples. Traffic safety is the most important foundation for the building of civilized and intelligent societies. Human safety is a priority and constitutes a self-deterrent to prevent traffic violations in order to protect the safety of road users. In our smart solutions, traffic awareness occupies an important part of the important and positive role in providing traffic safety rules.

 Smart Telecommunications 

The development of smart traffic systems and smart communication means are the right bases to reach smart cities.We work in an Alliance through successful business partnerships with global telecom operators to follow the latest technologies that support our smart solutions across all sectors

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